Love Turns Into Children (2008)

Weird New York docudrama. Music, editing restoration, motion effects by Joe Flinders. A blend of experiment, documentary, and folklore in the form of memoir & collage.  

Love Turns Into Children is a film to be played of itself or in a gallery setting along with a  fully running and publicly safe recreation  of the original DIY alchemical & genetic live- in laboratory of Jane & John Doe of 885 Park Ave.

It is a story of how humans attempt to “jump” species several times  in one lifetime. The premise is how could you turn into a rabbit or dog in mind and body and return back to your original human form in the span of a single summer? The 10 minute film is the audio-visual repository of the remaining materials of the original experiment.

Produced by Weimar Films in collaboration with Katya Slyvinskaya, Aaron Schillinger, Adam Burnett, and Mike Immerman.  

Dryads  (2013)

music by Vieo Abiungo
from the album Thunder May Have Ruined The Moment
directed by Pete Monro
dancers Kate Hutter and Kevin Williamson
camera by Richard Card
VFX by Joe Flinders@weimar

Ponum Night (2013)

Filmed mountainside in St Maarten in 2013. Produced by Milestone Architecture and House of Nehesi Publishing on the occasion of  the creation of the book, Po’num by Clara Reyes. Performed in the spirit of Ponum, featuring Clara Reyes!

DP-Director- Joe Flinders @ weimar





Weimar Films currently has an experimental feature film in post-production titled HONEY MOON

Shot in 2011 in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine before it’s makeover, HONEY MOON plays over the subconscious as much as the conscious streams of the viewer’s awareness. A tumbling dreamworld merges with reality as an idea from the dream world meets its real world reflection. Dream, ritual, transformation and enchantment lead inexorably to the strange reunion of Erran with his “ex-wife” – who shall be resurrected in a new body – and shall then be his one and only, Honey Moon.

Produced and made by Meditating Film Crutch (or Digital Weimar Habit).


Post-production by Weimar Films 

Scheduled to be released in late 2019 or 2020.