Cosmopolitan for Latinas -Adrienne  Bailon

 shot & edited with vfx by Joe Flinders @ Weimar in association with                 babyvolcano films

Days Together (2010)

Film by Pete Munro. Shot by Joseph Flinders @ Weimar.


Love and Paint – Universal Truth (ca.2009)

A web video presentation of the gallery show Universal Truth by Love & Paint’s Alex Esguerra  at Orchard Windows Gallery @ 37 Orchard in Chelsea NYC. Featuring 3D presentations of the naked couple art using Love & Paint’s unique methodology.


Love Turns Into Children (2008)

Weimar Films- weird nyc docudrama.

Milestone Promo (2018)

Directed & edited by Weimar Films.

Boblo Boats: a tale of two sisters (current)

A documentary of the strange magic of two steam boats in Detroit. Joseph Flinders @ Weimar, DP and creative consultant

Commercial Film

Weimar Films  has worked with diverse organizations in the context of promotional video, web content, behind the scenes video, and media events 

Nonprofit work has been a large part of the humble work here at Weimar Films, including nonprofits such as the National Eating Disorder Assoc., Milestone Architecture, and the Brooklyn Horticultural Society…

Joe Flinders has worked with other artists and companies in the Camera Department as Director of Photography and as Creative Consultant, for audio or for image, whether as a composer, graphic designer, illustrator or as a VFX artist.