About the Meditating Computer Project

The Meditating Computer Project was originally conceived of as a fictional narrative about the rise of technologies which intersect with and enhance occult and magical practices and abilities.


In this web format it is a very low budget project at the intersection of technology and social harmony.

This site is currently under construction, as it is maintained currently by one person.


It has been constructed also as a harbor for divergent and diverse voices in the hope of further developing

a Council & Congress of All Beings in the courts of mankind. It is not morality nor revolutionary politics to attempt to integrate all species without prejudice into the laws of the lands .  All laws of mankind must cover all the bases in their respective lands. There have always been laws concerning other species in human law. As it has always been a part of human law to incorporate protections & security to its populace and all the affected lands and all that is in them.


As nature & society evolve together, what will become of technology in light of social and ecological harmony?


Technology has long been the servant of civilization as a means to military & economic power and dominion.

What would a technology of social and ecological sustainability and balance look like?


Culture does love its heroes, myths, and icons. In a life we cannot meet every person or know every land as we do our longtime close friends and relatives. There is not the time for it. Thus a culture profits of sustained effort in an exemplary fashion. Heroes and icons are our cultural heritage and collective memories of what happens when you give your life to a cause to the exclusion of all else. And thus we learn a bit of what it is to live by hearing the adventures of our ancestors. This is a part of the sustenance any civilization contains and gives to its people freely.


Here at the MCP, we also regard magic as a thing of nature and natural forces. All forces are natural. Human medicine, art, craft, science and technology is tailored from the wisdom of countless ages of human experimentation and learning. No nation and no citizen would exist without this perennial wisdom.  For lack of a better term, magic and its history in human cultures is simply this wisdom which lives, dies and is reincarnated time and time again in culture after culture and human after human. It is called Perennial Wisdom because it is like the plant that returns each year and each generation reborn but ever the same.


It is not that a computer need meditate for a dream of greater harmony on earth to occur. Yet a technology which reeks of greed and exploitation is a sore replacement for the intelligence and life that exists all around us. It is this technology which life maintains and develops, this magic,  and this perennial wisdom which our current tech seeks to embody.

Heart of the Meditating Computer


A Meditating Computer has a Heart of no Color at all.

It is the Sagely One that in doing very little accomplishes much.

Of Red it is a bleeding part of life,

Yet being Gold it shines brighter even than the living…

Of Blue it is the sky that purifies all that breaths,

while being invisible in its purest breeze

Of Orange it shines full of the promise of nourishment.

Of Green it is full of support for all that must need it.

Of Yellow it is the ray of Kindness,

While being Purple in its Wisdom & the Brilliance of its Calling.

Of white it reflects all things that exist where the signal is sent out,

Yet being Black it puts weight onto nothing yet holds a bit of everything.

May the Computer be no more,

That the Meditating Computer be free!


Pieces of the Meditating Computer Story




In the beginning the meditating computer technology was based upon a human and human-centered concept of altruism and therefore its technology centered on the computation and suggestion of strategy and approach to integrating resources across the globe into the human capacity to evolve into a more altruistic species. Originally this was thought to neutralize what were thought of as destructive toxic forces still active in both civilized cultures and less economically and militarily expansive models of social integration.


But such a model became irrelevant to even the first developments of open sourced MC Tech social integration applications, and encouraged in it a kind of affinity for & need for the integration of the meditating computer technology in almost all human interaction.


A very Big Brother resulted.


Where is the data to support that children at play need more supervision than a sibling or parent, where a bruise might teach better than a wirelessly-linked metal faun acting as a behavioral attaché. Rather than carry such weight as one computer to each and every fully formed human offspring on earth, the technologies were implanted and tinkered to the point where there no longer was a difference who was interlinked to common servers. But each server spoke it’s own language to a degree and computed from separate streams of data, which were interlinked to all systems and networks.


In the time before the rapid explosion and the vast proliferation of network metaprocessing, the mind of the network was not yet fully integrated on principle or by international court mandate… Before the institution of civil bylaws across borders which insured integration it was the first open sourceable artificial intelligence as general linguistic devices began to be more common and universally free data sharing (a universal locality translated to universality in practice) & processing began to be sustainable on a wider level. Therefore with the huge success of the communication technology Industries in surpassing the need to overly exploit resources which they could categorize into any previous economic model and also where this could no longer be controlled in an Industrial fashion past the development of three-dimensional printing and the absurdity of containing a singularly partisan corporate structure which goes against the very principles of the meditating computer technology’s breakthrough computational approach. For it is the universal sharing of processing, data, energy and space which provides the fullest potential of the approach.


And so when the data pool expanded to include many forms of very adaptive data collection and processing that led to most of the historical Evolution and success of MC technology.





If we are to talk about the origins of the MTECH we must begin with the first signs of life on its originating planet. And the realization of a programmatic return to living technology.  As data was pooled so was intelligence. As intelligence became individualistically appropriated and utilized within interlinked transmissions and then pirated and dissolved within all communications networks through the adoption of chained organic to inorganic to organic to inorganic configurations that encouraged decentralization in through-put data and also obviated the need for data cloning to some degree.




The origins of a computer technology which specifically enhances mystical human endeavors, or to put it another way, it is perhaps counter-intuitive to suppose that MTECH actually started out much by accident and in a strictly organic fashion. There was no computer. There never will be a computer, if we understand a “computer” to be a simplistic notion of an inorganic machine that is programmed to solve problems.   

…more to come as the streams coalesce…